Did I already do the Camila Cabello joke?

The club in Havana – Florida, not Cuba – is abandoned.  I don’t know why I thought they would still be hanging out there.  I brought the cops down on that place.  They went somewhere else to do their dirt. 

How do you get in touch with a black magic torture gang?  I used my finding spell on the guy with the denim vest.  It took me to a graveyard in Quincy.  I got his name off the tombstone and found out he was down there because he was decapitated in a car accident.  That was a dead end but I got to stop at Bubba & Sons Smokehouse so it wasn’t a total loss.

I called Frankie to see if their friend was willing to talk about what happened now.  He’s dead too.  Suicide, Frankie said. 

When those two guys came to threaten/recruit me, they didn’t give me a way to contact them.  What if I changed my mind about joining them?  How was I supposed to get in touch?  Bad planning.  That’s no way to run a cult.

I called Lance and asked him if he could find out if anyone was looking for missing drug addicts in the area.  I thought there was a social network for private investigators where they kept each other informed on what was going on.  He laughed at that idea.  Since he owes me one, he said he’d see what he could find out anyway. 

I went to Kim’s spare apartment to see if my finding spell could pick up their trail there.  It didn’t.  It did do one thing, confuse the couple staying there.  I don’t know if “The Nuclear Nutcrusher” and Johnny Maximum are going to make it in the biz, or as a couple, but they did give me a good idea when I told them I was looking for someone that had stayed there before. 

Check out the club and see if they left anything there.  They didn’t know that I would be casting a spell, but it’s a good idea. 

Thanks guys!

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