Stella’s mom took me up to the 4th floor to show me a book that has the spell that can bring Stella back.  She’s right, the spell is not complicated.  You just have to be willing to commit murder.  No, five murders.

I figured out that she didn’t have to take me up there.  She could have brought the book down to show me.  Or just told me.  She took me up there to scare me.  She’s both the good cop and the bad cop.  She says please bring my daughter back to me I’m so sad and then “look at this, think about what I could do to you.”

Over breakfast, she didn’t eat, I asked her about where this ritual would need to happen.  The book made it clear that even with the sacrifices, you need a place of power to bring someone back from the dead.  It’s simple but it’s not easy.

She told me that she had a friend that had a place we could use.  She refused to elaborate, instead she pressed me for a commitment.  I told her that I would need to think about it, and that if, and it’s a massive if, I was going to do it, how would we arrange it?  Would I kidnap people and bring them to her and she’d stash them away in her dungeon? 

She told me that she didn’t want to quibble over logistics, I was the one that got Stella killed, so I would have to figure it out on my own.  I told her that I understood that she was mad at me, that she hates me, that I knew there was a good chance if I did this she would have me killed afterwards, that she wanted to torture me, but if she really wants her daughter back she can’t put this all on me.  She’s the one with the resources, and as amusing as it might be for her to watch me struggle and twist in the wind, that’s not going to bring Stella back. 

If looks could fucking kill.

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