Operation Steel Tiger Shark

It’s hard to believe.  My plans never work.  Lance and I sat in his Lincoln Navigator outside the compound and watched the cars and trucks drive away with all the guys and guns.  Lance had drones flying around that let us see the whole place.  There were a couple old timers and some kids left as guards.

I did choke out a teenage boy on the way in.  I don’t feel great about it.  He would have fucking shot me though so I don’t feel bad either.

A sleep spell would be helpful.  I think that once a week.  Knowing how to strangle is almost as good.  We were barely on the grounds more than two minutes.  Forty-five minutes after that, we were handing the girl off to some dudes in suits that work for the senator or rich guy or whoever hired Lance to get her back.  I sure hope that’s what happened and I didn’t just abet sex trafficking.  I should check into that.   

A few hours after that and I’m at a real Texas cattleman’s steakhouse with Lance.  He’s telling me all about how the ATF guys rolled up the whole bunch of domestic terrorists.  He made it sound like a big deal.  I’m pretty sure he got a reward or bounty they give you for ratting people out because he was being generous.  He was also already wasted because he had been out drinking with the ATF guys before he met me.  Lance is a loud guy normally, when he’s drunk it’s like sitting across from a foghorn in a stupid hat.   

I asked him how he was coping with the fact that magic is real.  He got sad for a second and said that he tries not to think about it.  I asked him if he thought that it was moral to kill five people to bring one good person back to life.  He said that I was killing his buzz and grabbed the waitress’s ass as his way of saying he needed another boilermaker.   

Maybe he should be one of the five.   

I think Kim and Mr. Awesome and Bernal are still going to try and kill the guy who killed Luciana.  I told them not to but there’s not much else I can do.  I feel I did my due diligence on this one.  I took away the bad people’s magic and I got a bunch of them arrested and a lot of guns seized.

Now I need to decide if I want to resurrect Stella by doing some unspeakable shit I promised myself that I would never do.

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