You might leave here should others take your place 

Before I met Stella I would have told you that necromancy is using magic for creating zombies.  You know how she felt about the “z” word.  The internet defines necromancy as “the supposed practice of communicating with the dead, especially in order to predict the future”.  Séances and stuff like that.  Why would dead people know the future?  If anything they’d be even more out of the loop than us.  What news are you going to hear in a grave?

What Stella taught me is that necromancy is manipulation of biology.  The healing spell she trained with me on is much better than the one I knew before.  I know for a fact that raising the dead is a thing because I saw Stella do it.  But it isn’t the same as bringing someone back to life.  It’s just making a body move like Weekend at Bernie’s, it isn’t that person any more than a picture is that person.

Stella’s mother tells me that bringing people back to life, really back to life for real, is not only possible but “not all that taxing”.  All you have to do is perform blood magic that involves the murder of five people.  It’s just that simple.   

She said to me “surely know you five people that deserve to be dead more than my daughter”.  I’m ashamed to say that I started making a list in my head.  I feel responsible for Stella’s death and the fact that the people responsible “paid for it” doesn’t mean jack shit.  Revenge is pointless.  I still did it.  What does that say about me?

I’m no murderer.  I told her that.  She was brutal in blaming me for what happened to Stella.  I thought I couldn’t feel worse about what happened, but I was wrong.  It can always be worse.  I know that. I told her I didn’t know anything about necromancy and asked why she needed my help in doing this since she was an expert.  She said that I was the only one who can bring Stella back because we were friends.  It sounds like bullshit to me, but why would she want to torture me by making something like that up?  Maybe because I got her daughter killed.   

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