Dr. Reid suffers from a brain injury and, while experiencing hallucinations, is visited by ghosts from his past

The ATF office in Houston is in a glass building in the Beltway Lakes office complex.  I thought government agencies had their own space but they pay rent and have roommates just like everyone else.  Disappointing.  Good thing I don’t pay taxes. 

I was shown into a conference room that had four dudes that all kind of looked like James Cordon.  There must not be a fitness requirement in the ATF.  As soon as I walked in, one of them blurted out “What happened to your face?!”  Jesus dude, buy a girl dinner first.   

You need several years of experience with investigation to become a licensed PI.  A lot of people get that experience by working in loss prevention, which is bullshit.  That’s not real investigation.  You can also get the experience by working for an already-licensed PI.  The story is that I’m working as Lance’s goon to get that experience so I could become a PI myself someday.   

The ATF made it clear to me that a federal agency would never tip off a private citizen about their operations, not even a wealthy one.  Once that was out of the way, I asked what they could do to make sure the rich private citizen they tipped off was happy.  I expected them to say that my plan was too dangerous.  I thought they would say that they couldn’t let civilians take those kinds of risks and I would have to try and convince them.  They didn’t seem to care about my safety.  At all. 

I thought that at least from a legal standpoint of prosecuting the militia members that they wouldn’t want normal citizens involved because that would complicate the legal stuff.  They didn’t’ care about that either.  Maybe they just want the guns seized and they don’t really care about putting anyone in prison.  I don’t know how the system works.   

They jumped on the band wagon so quickly that I got suspicious they were humoring me for some reason I couldn’t understand.  I guess there is a reason though, maybe they don’t relish the idea of strapping on bulletproof vests and attacking heavily armed anti-government nutjobs in their fortified homebase and really are glad for an alternative. 

Is this really how law enforcement operates?  Criminal Minds lied to me. 

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