Witch hunter witch hunt showdown

A First Nation person got mad at me once because I asked if she knew about magic.  She said that was uncool to think that a Native person might believe in magic.  I’ve felt bad about that ever since.  Now Killer Kelly (not that one, the other one) rolls in here and says she knows magic is real because she’s Native American.  I can’t win.

I told her what Ginger Rock had told me about Luciana’s death at the hands of the Mason-Dixon Magic Mafia.  She insisted that she hear it from him.  I said that was fine because he was coming back to talk more about the situation anyway.

In the meantime she spent a lot of time on her phone talking mostly in Spanish.  In between calls I asked her what she knows about magic.  All she told me is that she’s a word I can’t pronounce or spell that means she can’t do magic but she knows about it.  When I asked her why she didn’t say anything to me before if she knew I was magic, she looked at me like I was stupid.  “Why would I?” was her response.  Fair.

I should have warned Ginger Rock that there was someone else there with me because he freaked out when he saw Kelly assuming she was one of “them”.  Then there was a whole pointless conversation about how she couldn’t be one of them because she’s not white, but she looks white, and so on.  I’m bad at trying to smooth things over between people in a situation like this.  Or any other situation.

They didn’t kill each other.  Once GR was calmed down, they talked about what had happened to Luciana.   Ginger Rock brought up way too much sex stuff for talking to the sister of the deceased – or anyone – then Kelly nodded and said that her brother was coming to sort it out. 

I tried to put the brakes on more people showing up, but she was adamant.  I assumed that’s who she had been talking to on the phone so I asked if this was Luciana’s brother, which would make him also KK’s half half-brother.   She said no, this was her step-brother who’s Wixárika.  I don’t mean to be insensitive, but is this the most racially diverse family in the world?  It’s freaking me out.

When I asked what this step-brother had to do with anything, she said that he’s a witch-hunter so he’d know how to handle the magic people that killed Luci.  I had had it at that point.  I get whiplash from going from “there’s no such thing as magic” to people talking too casually about it.  Witch-hunter?  What the fuck?

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