The south shall blah blah blah you know whatever

You might be surprised to learn that Big Thicket Texas has three hotels.  That’s at least two more than I expected.  The Pinebox Motel wasn’t bad the first time around.  The second time when I checked in, the red-nosed motherfucker at the front desk was an asshole for no reason.

While I got a room, the Ginger Rock was “hiding” down the street because he’s so famous and he didn’t want “them” to know where we were going.  I’m sure he was very inconspicuous in his tricked-out caddy with vanity plates. 

Once he rushed into the room and slammed the door like in an old spy movie, I used my healing spell to remove the brand from his chest just like I did with the women from the corporate lady cult.  I wonder if there was a connection there.  As far I can tell from what he told me, there is no link between a California-based women’s empowerment magic murder cult and this secret order of magic murder small town Southern government officials.  Is Texas “the South?”  They seem to think so.

I asked the Ginger Rock what his next move was going to be and he said he was going to get his shotgun and “clean house”.  As much as I love a good murder spree, I asked him why he hadn’t already done that.  He admitted he wouldn’t get very far.

He said that the city council guy and his buddies were recruiting people and stockpiling weapons to secede from the US and create a New Confederacy.  The civil war was 300 years ago, why are people still into this bullshit?

I told him that didn’t seem very magic and he said that the leader of this group was the descendant of a group of “warlocks” who raided Kansas during the Civil War and committed various atrocities in order to work blood magic.  Magic had been passed down in his family since those times. 

I asked him if this had anything to do with Jedidiah Crane or Raymond Pine and his jaw dropped to the floor.  He said that the “warlocks” were a splinter faction from Crane’s group and had been mostly wiped out by Pine and his “carpetbaggers”. 

His new idea was for me to point out all the magic people in the group so he could shoot them with his deer rifle from “a mile away”.  My plan was if these people were plotting to overthrow the government, to call the ATF or the FBI or some other acronym office.  Ginger Rock freaked out and said that law enforcement was useless because of his enemy’s connections and power. 

After he left, I turned on the TV and saw the reporter I healed reporting on her own shooting.  That’s dedication.

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