There’s so much to love

Ginger Rock grabbed me and pulled me into an office.  It’s not normally that easy to manhandle me.  I tried to knock his hands away but he was strong as fuck.  Before I could cast my strength spell and push back, I was in there and he slammed the door.  Next thing he did was tear his shirt open.  I said that if he was going to rape me, he should be tearing my clothes off not his. 

He was confused.  He pointed to a mark on his massive chest that looked like a brand.  Like on a cow.  When I said that I had no idea what that meant, he made like he was going to leave.  I blocked the door to stop him but it was like pushing on a brick wall. 

It looked like he was going to shoulder me out of the way, so I punched him at full strength with a magic hardened fist.  It didn’t seem like it did any damage but it got his attention.  I asked him what the fuck was going on.  He muttered something about being “just a dumb jock” and made to leave again.  This time I did cast my strength spell and knocked him ass backwards over a desk. 

He came up sputtering and looked like he was going to come bull-charging at me, but then he got a weird look on his face and asked me who I was.  Before I could answer, he asked me if I was Luciana’s sister. 

I told him I had no idea who Luciana is or what was going on.  He asked me if I liked pizza.  Next thing I know, we’re at the Pizza Ranch.  When I said “shouldn’t we stay to talk to the cops” he said that the cops wouldn’t do shit. 

Sitting there eating pizza, he said ten times that he was only telling me about this because he was so upset.  He wanted to make that very clear.  He didn’t want it to look like he was asking for help.  He also acted like I should know who he was because he says he’s famous.  I don’t.   

He told me that one of the hundreds of women he had slept with because he’s so famous had been “a witch”.  Fucking a freaky sexy witch made him interested in magic.  Being a moron, he never figured out anything about real magic until a guy on the city council introduced him to a secret cabal of magic racists.  They’re the ones that had burned that symbol into his chest as part of a ritual.

Relations broke down between Ginger Rock and the racist mages when they pointed out to him that he shouldn’t be fucking so many Latinas if he wanted to be part of their race war program.  When he didn’t get the message, they murdered his fuckee at the time, Luciana, as a friendly reminder of their mission statement. 

He showed me a mostly nude picture of his now deceased slam piece while manfully holding back tears.    She looked a lot like Killer Kelly (not that one, the other one).  Which isn’t a big deal really, a lot of people look alike, but I swear I remember hearing something about Killer Kelly’s sister dying under mysterious circumstances.  

I was tempted to make Ginger Rock actually ask me for help but I let him off the hook and offered.  He pretended to refuse first before he could accept with his pride intact. 

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