Irresistibly Hot

Even though I don’t have the money to spare, I stopped at the luxurious Holiday Inn Express.  I couldn’t handle another night in the car.  

At the front desk they told me I had enough rewards points for a free night stay.  So the ID Lucy gave me must be for a real person and I’m reaping their rewards?  I should call her and ask what that’s about.  I don’t want to steal someone’s identity.  There’s so much about the false identification economy I don’t know.  

The euphoria of a free room lasted until I bit into my hot pocket and the lava inside burst out the end and plopped onto my chest.  I’ve never burned myself ironing because I’ve never ironed, but that must be what it feels like.  That’s what I get for eating in bed.

I was hot pocketing and scrolling through some dudes on an app I just got on my phone.  I don’t know if I’m going to meet anyone but I’ve decided to look at what’s out there.  I realized I don’t know what I find attractive.  It’s not something I’ve thought about.  Take this dude.  

I’m impressed, but I can’t imagine that coming at me being anything other than alarming.  I look at that and I think it’s awesome but I don’t think “I want that on top of me pronto”.  

Speaking of, the rumor going around is that after our match, the Dudes of Legend tag teamed me in the dressing room.  I wonder if they started that or if someone said it as a joke and it caught on or how it got started.  I want to call one of them and ask WTF is going on but it’s probably best not to care.  I think anything else would just make things worse.  

This life thing is tricky.  

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