Net earnings $87.43

I had to call Kim and Doug to help get me some bookings.  It’s depressing how quickly people forget about you in this business.  Maybe they never knew is the problem. 

In Genesee Depot, Wisconsin, some drunk assholes tried to steal the ring while it was being loaded into the truck. 

In Marblehead, Ohio, “Fanatic” Mike Mantic was on the same show.  He looks like shit.  He asked me how the old Caprice Wagon was running.  That was enough cars ago that I don’t remember what happened to it.

I did a loop with Jersey Shore wrestling hitting such hotbeds as Wayne, Ocean City & Wychoff where a dude named Career Killer pulled a gun on the promoter. 

In Portland, Maine, a death match dude called Cleaver pummeled some other guy with a flaming kendo stick.  You could smell the burning flesh in the dressing room.  Which was just a room.

In Belle, West Virginia, a very confused guy holding a large needle in his hand asked me if I wanted any oxy and in the same sentence asked me if I had any oxy.  

In Mobjack Bay, Virginia, I heard someone say that Little Junior Toro was dead of an overdose.  I didn’t see anything online about it.  If you know whether that’s true or not, let me know.  I don’t have his number.

Now that I exist in the eyes of the government, I was able to do a show in Saint Elizabeth, Jamaica.  There were a grand total of 12 people there and three of them left halfway through.  I wrestled Alexa “The Stapler” Petit to a 20 minute draw to the enjoyment of no one.  Including the Stapler herself.  She was gassed after 7 minutes.  She claimed that she didn’t speak much English but she’s from Canada.  Don’t the French Canadians speak English too? 

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