AWS is how

Here’s what makes what Bora and Kelly did even more extraordinary.  When I called Bora it was because I wanted to get her friend’s number, let’s call her Lucy, the one that I helped with that female empowerment imbroglio.  In desperation to find someone to help me, I figured that Lucy had some knowledge of ritual magic so maybe she could do something.  Instead, Bora and Kelly jumped on a plane and came to help me themselves.  And they acted like they owed me.  

They did ask me to visit Lucy in Bloomington, Indiana, which I was only too happy to do for them.  I stopped in Texarkana to make some calls and try to start getting some bookings going but no one seemed to even remember who I was.  I’ve been wrestling for almost three years now and everyone forgets me after ten weeks?  It’s enough to make me want to beat a guy that called me a hatch-faced bitch at Subway (Eat Fresh) unconscious.  But that would have been wrong. 

Lucy has clearly landed on her feet in Indiana.  Being on the run from a murderous female power cult hasn’t set her back a step the way I see it.  I’m not sure how I would even go about getting a new identity.  Or how you get a job when you don’t really exist.  She, on the other hand, has already got herself set up as a project manager for AWS.  Everything must be easy when you already have money.  It’s a paradox.  You can only get money if you already have it.   

Driving up to her six thousand square foot house on a 5-acre lot with an enclosed porch and Amish-built Maple cabinetry made me wonder what Gary is up to.  I hope he’s dead.  Besides fancy cabinets she also had a bunch of cameras and a big dog.  A dog that doesn’t freak out and bark at you but isn’t pathetically desperate for attention is much scarier than the ones that seem threatening.  It just watched me like it was knew what was going on.   

Lucy took some time off from project managing, which she can do from home when she wants, to make me a chicken, mango and barley salad for lunch.  It looked pretty but even though I likely saved her life, I was too self-conscious to tell her that I was still starving after eating it.   

I’m not great at small talk but it’s even more awkward in a situation like this.  What was I going to say “How are you doing now that you’re out of bondage from a kill cult?”  I did say that actually.  She’s doing well.  She Facetimes with a therapist four times a week and she’s working through it.  I wonder what a therapist would say about me.  Attachment disorder probably.   

This wasn’t a social visit.  She wants me to help out a friend of hers that is still with “them”.  I told her that was no problem as long as she could get me wherever I needed to be to meet with this friend.  I explained that I was a little light on funds on account of being in jail for a while and also not working for a bit.  She said that was no issue and asked me if $4500 would cover it.  I was speechless.

I wonder how I would report that on my taxes.  Murder cult rescue service?  Good thing I don’t pay taxes. 

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