Magical girl friendship squad

You know what’s right next to Catfish Basket at the Hondo Village Center in El Paso?  A candle place named Mystical Palace.  That’s only funny to me I bet. 

As I sat there with my catfish basket, my wings, and my ice tea, I realized a couple things.  Izzy and Sanaa ditched out at some point and I didn’t notice until right then.  That meant I was unable to get a chance to thank them for their help.  That makes me a bad helpee. 

Another thing I realized is that I need to give up on my “woe is me, I’m so alone” routine.  42561, Dany, Bora, and Kelly, they all fucking posted.  I’ve heard it said that it’s not how many you win, it’s how many you show up for.  Luckily this time we also won.  I have to stop pretending that I don’t have any friends.   

They were debating how human sacrifices work now, in regards to virginity.  In the old times it was easy to suss out, but now?  Who counts as a virgin these days with our modern ideas?  Is it just full-on penetrative vagina intercourse that makes you not a virgin?  Because that means gay people have to be target number one for evil mages looking for human sacrifice.  Like they don’t have enough to worry about.  What about oral?  Does that count?  What about “God’s loophole”?  What are the modern rules of virgin sacrifice?  And who’s making them?  Who enforces them?  As far as I know, sacrificing a virgin doesn’t do anything special but I didn’t want to ruin their fun. 

While they were doing that, I was thinking about how stupid I had been.  Bora is the one who pointed out to me that we should go after Eterno at a wrestling show in front of everyone.  She reminded me that wrestling and stage magic are the same in that everyone goes there expecting to be fooled.  Wanting to be fooled.  They know they’re going to see a lie  which makes it the best time to sneak in some impossible truth.   I’m embarrassed that I didn’t think of it on my own.  It’s nice having friends that can tell you things.   

I haven’t worked in more than three months.  I’m flat chested broke.  I have no bookings on the schedule.  No one is calling.  But in that moment eating late night catfish with my four friends, I was the happiest I’ve ever been.   

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