OOC – What happened to the mouse?

My intent was not to worry about Sanaa’s fate but then I realized that Grace wouldn’t just leave her hanging even though she’s the worst, not Amazing Grace no siree Bob. So then I wrote a thing where she finds Sanaa and she’s all murdered up to fit into the theme of everything being horrible all the time and any who Grace teams up with getting a bad end.

But then I was like “nah”. I don’t want that to happen again. As someone once said “it can’t rain all the time”. So for all you superfans out there who are closely tracking all the loose ends Grace tracked down Sanaa and she’s fine. Maybe I’ll do a flashback some day to what happened.


  1. A I’m going to imagine they have a moment like Alfred and Bruce Wayne at the end of Dark Knight Rises. Except instead of a European bistro it’s a dirty small-town Walmart food court. And instead of congenially nodding, they congenially flip each other off.

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