Is GTA still a thing?

On July 13th 1977, the power went out in New York City for 25 hours.  During that time, 1000 fires were started and 2000 stores were looted. 

By the time we got there, the city Fresno had been without power for several days.  I was at a club where a comedian was doing a bit about how TV shows make it out like Fresno is a lawless Grand Theft Auto style anarchic crimeland when in reality it’s fine.  I didn’t see the city at its best so I can’t weigh in on that.  It wasn’t great when I was there.

The roads to the south were closed so we had to go all the way around and come in from the north.  We saw Red Cross and other vehicles coming in with National Guard escorting them.  They learned their lesson about that.  Watching it, I thought that it looked like something you’d see on the news in another country.  Syria or Belarus.  Not the US. 

We didn’t see many cars leaving Fresno.  Anyone who had someplace to go must have already left by the time we were coming in. 

Guided by whatever witchy bullshit Sanaa had, we drove to a place that was on the outskirts of town.  It was a farm but it was an entire compound also.  Here’s the way Zillow describes it –

‘85+ acres of 6 year old Independence and 12 year old Butte Padre almonds and 37+ acres of old Barbera wine grapes that are still producing! The home has been well maintained, the 40′ x 50′ Carsey built metal shop is set up for easy addition on the west end if you need more space. There is even a nice older barn and a lighted pipe roping arena! There are 2 newer deep wells and 1 that is a backup in case it is needed.’

What the fuck is pipe roping? 

We didn’t get much closer at that point because something else it had was a bunch of dudes in body armor with assault rifles walking around. 

I think they call that a non-standard feature in real estate.

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