Woo hoo witchy woman

Some of the communities in this part of California have been without power for four days now.  The media has been showing two clips from Fresno over and over again.  The first is of a mob of local business owners fighting in the street with a mob of looters.  The second is two National Guard tanks firing tear gas bombs at people.  Maybe looters.  Maybe not. 

I met Dany’s friend Sanaa at Coy Flat campgrounds.  I don’t know much about camping but her gear looked like that of a serious outdoorsperson.  I don’t think this is a couple times a year thing for her.   I saw no car either, just a bike.  A bicycle bike not a chopper.  I don’t think the power outage is affecting her one bit.

She was wearing a lumberjack plaid shirt but then she also had on super shorty jean shorts.  Daisy Dukes I think they’re called.  Just like Dany and her belly sweater.  Maybe that’s a thing all witches have to do for some reason.  Dress warmly on half your body but still show a lot of skin on the other half.  Witchcraft!

She didn’t beat around the bush, she told me straight off that Eterno was in Fresno.  I asked how she knew that since my finding spells were being blocked. She said that this wasn’t a spell, she could sense the spirit of corruption that was riding him. 

I’ve heard that term before, I don’t know why you would say ridden instead of possessed.  Maybe because possession makes people think of Christianity and the devil?  It doesn’t hit my ear right.  It makes me think of someone giving a piggyback ride.  Or something sexual.  Neither of which sounds great in terms of evil spirits.

Because of the mobs and tear gas in Fresno, I thought it would be a good idea to chill for a while and then track Eterno when he leaves.  She said no to that idea, we had to go immediately.  She said that something very bad was going to happen unless we stopped it. 

If that’s true why was she just sitting around in a tent waiting?  Why wasn’t she doing anything about it before I showed up?

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