Four people killed in Carmel

Last night in addition to a wrestling show, Carmel California was also host to a quadruple murder.  The perpetrator is still at large but he’s believed to be Andrew Gale.  Andrew Gale escaped from Salinas Valley State Prison two days ago.  No knows how he escaped but they assume it has something to do with the power outrage. 

Gale was sentenced to life in prison 7 years ago for multiple counts of murder.  He’s American but the police said he was killing for the Chechen mafia.  When he was arrested, Gale said that he had been killing at God’s command. 

I don’t know how this fits in with Eterno but it has to be related.  I tried my finding spell on Andrew Gale and it was blocked just like when I try it on Eterno.  That can’t be a coincidence.

I had heard that they were putting everyone from the show up at La Playa Carmel because a carefully maintained mansion/historical landmark from 1905 is the perfect place to house a bunch of rowdy drunken wrestlers with way too much money.  I have to pause to point out that in addition to the 25 grand they paid for the show, that place is 400 bucks a night and there were 20 people on the card.  All told these Carmel people had to have shelled out 50 grand to see some mediocre wrestling.  Because Art?

I staked out the parking lot and watched everyone stagger out hung-over and stumble to their cars.  I saw Eterno Jr. but not Sr.  Maybe Jr. was lying about his uncle being there.  I had no other ideas so I called Dany.  I wasn’t really expecting anything but when I told her where I was, she said that she had a friend in the area that might be able to help. 

If this keeps up I’m going to have to rethink being so cynical about asking anyone for help.

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