The immortal demon luchador hitman you’re looking for is in another castle

The Sunset Center in Carmel is the first wrestling venue I’ve been to that has a photography gallery, pottery and dance studios, as well as workshops for the arts.  What arts specifically?  That’s what I’d like to know.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s the last wrestling venue I’ll go to with these things as well. 

I didn’t know the LLA guy running the show but he seemed to know me.  Normally I would have tried to get a match on the show but since this was a big money scam they had going, I didn’t want to mess with their mojo.  I just asked if I could watch the show.  Then I asked if Eterno was there and he got weird on me and didn’t answer. 

While I was hanging around backstage, Estrella del Cuadrilátero came up to me.  Her English has gotten a lot better than my Spanish since last we met.  She said that she was surprised I was still around since I was so terrible at wrestling.  Before I could really say anything, Rudo Anaranjado came over and said some stuff in Spanish and they both laughed their asses off.  He was clearly making fun of me.  Why does he have a problem?  I’m the one he beat the shit out of. 

After that abuse, a douchey looking kid in a silver mask came up and douche-ily demanded to know why I was asking about his uncle.  The show advertised Eterno Corazon Inmortal, Super Guapa, and Murcielago Demonio versus the Triple Turbo Team but it wasn’t the Eterno I thought it was – the immortal demon guy.  It was his nephew.  This is a lucha libre thing, sometimes they pass down their gimmick to other family members.  There’ve been lawsuits about the ownership of a mask and gimmick when someone feels like they should have inherited a valuable wrestling name.

I told him I was a big fan of his uncle and wanted an autograph.  He told me that I should be a fan of his not his uncle because he’s awesome.  When I asked about Eterno Sr. again, he said that his uncle was traveling with him but he would have the hotel room to himself for plenty of time for the loving.  When I wasn’t going for his moves he got belligerent.  Eventually our conversation ended with him flopping out his dick and telling me that I would be a decent piece of ass if I wasn’t a lesbian. 

Carmel really got their 25k worth that night.

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