Folks said his family were all dead, planet crumbled

I had enough cash for a room at the Quality Inn at Tucumcari.  Being inside seems 2 percent safer for the staff than sleeping in my car.  The weird thing about wrestling is that when you stop doing it, you start to feel more aches and pains, not less.  I guess your body remembers that falling down all the time is not normal and starts reverting to normal mode.

I wanted to float in the pool for a while to soak my bones but I was afraid to leave the staff alone, so I hopped in the tub.  With the staff on the side in my hand with plastic over it. 

I saw that someone had stuck a Superman sticker on the side of the sink.  It got me to thinking that if Superman was real, that would be pretty depressing.  Just imagine some dude has you pinned to the ground in a dirty alley, you’re facedown in a pile of garbage getting cornholed, and you cry out “Superman help me!” and he doesn’t show up.  That’s a gut punch.

You know he heard you but he didn’t come.  Maybe it’s because he’s stopping a mudslide in Kuala Lumpur.  Doesn’t make you feel any better but at least you can understand it.  But maybe it’s because he’s “busy” pretending to be a reporter, picking out GIFs for his “article” on the Daily Planet website about celebrity butts.  Maybe it’s because he’s in a tub with Lois Lane drinking wine and having some couple time.  Maybe it’s because he’s getting some downlow action with Jimmy Olsen while Lois Lane is at spin class.  Maybe it’s because he’s binge watching Momma’s Family and just doesn’t want to get up.  But the point is, he could have stopped it and he didn’t. 

Actually I suppose if Superman was real, he wouldn’t respond to anyone’s cries for help anymore after all the times someone called him because they saw a POC in line at Starbucks. 

After I got out of the tub I went to bed.  I’m usually great at sleeping but I couldn’t make it happen.  I had the TV on and the station kept going to old black and white lucha libre.  I’m pretty sure I saw Obaluaiye.  And Eterno with his brothers before he was evil.  And Voodoo even though he’s not an old luchador.  Sometimes they would come to the front of the TV and talk to me directly.  I got the sense that they were trying to warn me about something but they were speaking in Spanish so I couldn’t understand them.

Probably it was one of those dreams where it seems like you’re awake.  But maybe it was a magic dream?  If that’s the case, why were they speaking in Spanish?  That does me no good.  Or maybe I’m going insane.  That’s my fear about being magic.  Once reality can be bent, how can you know what’s real and what’s your brain eating itself?

When I got up the next morning I saw what should have been on the TV.  I’m going to be driving into quite a mess.  There are widespread power failures in the San Joaquin Valley and Monterey County.  The first wave of reports said that it was because of bombs and it was a terror attack.

Then it switched to saying that it was a cyberattack.  Then there were a lot of a people saying that it had to be terrorists because they heard explosions.  The current story is that it was a cyberattack and there was an explosion at one of the power centers because the hackers messed something up so it would blow.  There were no explosive devices is what they’re hammering on now.

All of Lucha Libre America’s social media says that the show is still on despite this, so here we go.

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