South of the border, down Mexico way

Now that I have the means to accomplish my goal after all this time, it seems unreal that I’m actually going after Eterno.  

One of the things I was worried about the most was going to Mexico.  My one experience there wasn’t great and that was barely across the border.  How do I get across?  How do I get back?  How do I find Eterno?  Since I don’t speak Spanish, how would I do anything there?  What kind of allies and defenses will he have down there?

I don’t have to worry about that because he’s in California working for Lucha Libre USA.  Fate?  Destiny?  Coincidence?  Magic?  Last time he was in the states, I was on my way to Colorado to confront him and my car broke down.  Or possibly I made it stop working with magic subconsciously because I was afraid.  Or something else.  Will the same thing happen on the road to Carmel?  

I thought that a staff, it’s a stick really, it’s not even two feet long, made magic by vile blood rites and the mass murder of magicians would be shrouded in shadows or whisper mad secrets or have an aura of evil bullshit, but it just looks like an old cane for a really short person.  

When I touch it I can feel its power though.  I think the feeling I get is the same that you might have putting your hand on a lever that opens the floodgates on a dam or drops a bomb out of a plane.  It doesn’t feel good or evil, but it feels immense.  Inevitable.  

I had it on the passenger seat for a while but I kept reaching over to make sure it was still there so I drove most of the day with it across my legs.  I feel like someone’s going to force me off the road and try to steal it at any moment.  It’s like walking through a bad neighborhood with a big wad of cash in your pocket, you feel like everyone knows just by looking at you.  

Not that I’d know what it’s like to have a big wad of cash.  

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