Open scene – Awesome McCool rides up on her chopper looking totally awesome and cool

Dany rides a motorcycle.  Total good guy mode of transportation.  Between that and her cinematic scar I’m shocked she doesn’t have her own show on Fawesome 5k.  She took me to the auto garage that she owns.  A magic motorcycle witch who fixes cars?  How is there not a YA series about this woman?

There was a van parked out back that I’m pretty sure she’s living in.  I know the signs of van life.  Not very media friendly there.  In shows, even the poor characters aren’t really poor.  No one wants to see gross poor people.  Seems like someone who owns a cashmere half sweater would be doing better.  Or maybe she can only afford half a sweater.

She broke out a bottle of Prairie Fire whiskey and without any prompting told me about her parents dying when she was six and how she supports her disabled brother.  She learned to fix cars for real before she made a pact with her mentor spirit.  She brought up that mentor spirit several times and then said she couldn’t talk about it whenever I asked what that was.  Reminds me of one of those jackasses in line at Walgreens with an iguana on their shoulder that get salty if you ask about it.  If you don’t want to talk about your dumb lizard or your magic spirit in the sky that tells you what to do, don’t bring it up a hundred times.

I should be nicer since she saved my life.  I told her there must be something we could do about the god squad.  Her advice was just to move on and avoid them.  I said that it didn’t seem right for me to leave them to murder others.  She said that’s why she’s there warning people away. 

I asked her if she wanted to go Mexico with me and defeat a werewolf wizard possessed by an evil spirit.  As a joke.  Mostly.  She surprised me by asking “what kind of evil spirit”.  I admitted that I didn’t even really know but I told her everything that I did know about Eterno.  Which amounts to rumors and gossip at the end of the day. 

She said that she couldn’t be away from her brother for more than a few days but if I found the staff and tracked down Eterno and needed her help, I should pop her a text.  I told her that I really would love someone to help me out but that I was just joking.  Mostly.  She said that she wasn’t. 

“Because of your mentor spirit?” I asked. 

She sighed and poured herself some more whiskey in her Peanuts coffee mug.

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