I should probably learn who Tennessee Williams is

Under the cover of smoke I made my escape.  I must have been quite a sight as limped up to the rest stop bleeding from the face and legs.  The rest stop had a bunch of metal art with “inspirational” quotes.  The one I saw as I came up said “Death is one moment, and life is so many of them” – Tennessee Williams.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Everyone was already staring at me already so why not? 

There couldn’t have been more than ten people there but it seemed like every one of them asked me if I was okay.  Of course I’m not okay, I’m leaving a trail of blood.  What they should have asked is “do you need help?”  I ignored them and made my way into the bathroom.  I locked myself in a stall and starting healing.  My ability to concentrate was not helped by the woman who planted herself outside and kept asking me if I was okay.   

I almost snapped at her, but it’s not her fault someone tried to shotgun murder me.  I kept saying to her “just give me a minute” but she wouldn’t be put off so easily.  At one point she stuck her head under the stall door and I had the strong impulse to kick her in the face. 

Every second I was in there I was waiting to hear the sounds of shotgun blasts firing and people screaming outside as they came to finish me off but it never came. 

I managed to stop the bleeding in my leg and fix up my face but I still felt like I had been pounded.  Stella (RIP) and 42561 both taught me better healing spells than I knew before but every time I heal it seems to work less.  Maybe you build up a resistance to it?   

When I came out of the stall the solicitous woman was all over me.  There’s really nothing you can do to get rid of someone in that situation.  If you try and blow them off it only makes them want to help you more and if you engage with them well, then you’re engaged with them. 

By the time I was able to get free of her the highway patrol was there.  Which is a pretty good response time I think.

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