No you add a title

As Milham and I talked, he got hungry and ordered a pie from BJ’s Pizza.  He was on the phone with them for a legit 30 minutes, which is a hard 28 minutes longer than you need to be on the phone to order a pizza.  When the kid showed up on his e-scooter with the pizza, Milham really let him have it because something was wrong with the toppings.  

I hate when someone who’s helping me out is a dick.

Another delivery service kid who didn’t even look old enough to drink showed up and brought him more White Claw.  He never offered me any but eventually I said “Are you going to give me one of those or what?”  I don’t even like White Claw, it was the principal.  I did manage to snatch a piece and a half of a 16-inch pizza before he ate it all.

For whatever good qualities Milham has, sharing is not one of them.

I said to him how strange it was that he’s the second magic-using wrestler I’ve met.  Doesn’t seem like there would be many of those.  He said that he wasn’t a wrestler.  He said that he was only in the biz a couple years and only because he was interested in the woman who was his valet.  She was a wrestling nut but had no athletic ability so she couldn’t be in the ring.

He went on at length about her tits and how they were not to be believed.  I told him I believed him.  He showed me a picture anyway.  Pretty good, if you like tits.  This man spent three years in a wrestling ring getting dropped on his head because he wanted some action.  That’s why the world is so fucked up.  This is who we have in charge of things.

He was really interested in who the other wrestling magician I knew was.  I probably shouldn’t have said anything since 42561 doesn’t like anyone to know.  I asked him if he had any spells he could teach me.  He response was to say “My master always said that the first priority of any good mage should be passing on their knowledge and helping nurture the next generation.  But since they killed him I guess I don’t need to worry about his opinion anymore.”

I asked him who “they” were and he gave me a look and said that I knew who they were.  He really likes being mysterious, almost as much as he likes his jaded old timer persona.  

I asked him if he wanted to come with me to get the staff and help me and he said that he was too old for heroics.  Before I could roll my eyes, he dropped his bullshit for a moment and told me that he was too afraid to help me or anyone else.  He said that people think that if you live a long time you’ll get used to the idea of dying, but it’s the opposite. The less time you have left, the more you freak out.  He said that he was more than 200 years old and was scared shitless of dying.  Of going “out there” where they could get him.

I should give him a break, he did help me by telling me where to find the staff.  Plus he gave me an envelope with 5 grand in cash.  

Which is nice for me.

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