Idyll hands

I never know what to do with my hands when I’m having a conversation.  If you cross your arms you seem angry.  If you stick your hands in your pockets you seem schlubby.  So I’m left dangling them at my sides awkwardly.

That’s why I like a Denny’s conversation.  You’ve got food to keep your hands occupied.  Plus there’s always a chance that whoever you’re talking with will pick up the bill.  Downside, there’s the possibility of talking with food in your mouth, but in the circles I run in that’s barely going to be noticed.

Having a beer in your hand is good too.  Keeps that hand occupied and you can take a drink whenever you don’t know what to say.  Even just sitting in a chair allows you to put your hands on the arm rests.  Standing talking to someone sitting is the worst-case scenario.  I wanted him to offer me a chair, or a White Claw, or get up and go inside.  Instead he just sat there.  Part of me wanted to kick him in the chest and knock him backwards.  Just because I didn’t know what to do with my hands.  I need to work on that part of myself.

He said his real name is Milham.  I’m not sure how to start off most conversations.  But that uncertainty goes double for when I want to talk magic stuff.  Especially when I’m so concerned about where my hands should be.  Reaching for a way to start the conversation, I asked him about Cori and Eugenia.  

He said that they had been there yesterday asking about the staff.  When he didn’t elaborate, I got annoyed and asked him if he was just going to sit there and dole out information in drips and drabs.  I hate when people make me drag information out of them when it’s obvious what I want.  Just fucking tell me.

He laughed and said something like “You don’t mess around do you?”  There are a lot of things I don’t like about wrestling culture.  One of them is that it’s very much a culture of shooting the shit.  It seems like it takes most wrestlers 3-4 hours to get to whatever their point is.  There’s some rule that you can’t just ask someone something without listening to them gas on about nothing first.

He said if we were going to talk we better go inside and headed for the door.  As he walked into the pawnshop he said “Grab that cooler for me would you, oh and the chair too.”


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