The best ability is availability

Once I told them I was interested, the NVC wanted to leave immediately to meet with their Russian-Peruvian Voodoo man.  Why did it have to be FTF?  Why couldn’t they just call him?  Unclear.   

I told them that I had a couple more bookings with Longhorn Wrestling and their response was that they did too, and we should blow them off.  I told them that I don’t ditch bookings and they looked at me like I said I believed in Santa Claus.  They went on an epic rant about how promoters are all crooks and that Chadd 2 Badd specifically was a piece of shit.   

I told them that Chadd 2 Badd had never done me wrong and I wasn’t going to screw him over.  They were astonished.  It was like they couldn’t believe I wouldn’t do what they wanted just on their say so.  I asked them what the rush was, they had already waited 20 years, hadn’t they?  Their answer, once you get past all the bullshit, was that they were bored and wanted to go RIGHT NOW. 

When I first met them I was a little bit in awe of the NVC.  There’s a lot that I can admire about their approach to life.  But their act is starting to get old.  There’s a thin line between being a person who doesn’t take any shit and a shitty person.  There is no clear line maybe.  They’ve been wrestling for over 20 years and I never heard of them.  There’s a reason for that. 

I told them if they wanted to wait a couple weeks, I’d love to go on a magic mysterious road trip with them.  If not, that’s a bummer, and I’d try to catch up with them. 

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