The Change-Up 2 : Freaky Friday 5 The Hot Tub Time Machine

I figured it out.  Cori and Eugenia, aka Nightmare Violence Connection, act like they’re characters in one of those stupid movies where people switch bodies.  They’re dude bros that grabbed a witch’s ass so she put a curse on them.  They’ve been gender swapped so they can learn respect for women.  Except instead they woke up, felt their own tits, then shrugged and said “I guess I’m a chick now” and went on living their lives just like they did before.

I thought it was an act at first but I think this is just how they are.  I drink, but I never go out drinking.  42561 doesn’t drink at all.  She’s very uptight about what she puts in her body.  Yet somehow after the show, we ended up out at the bar with the NVC.  They have a weird way of asking something and you say no but then suddenly you’re doing it.

After we got asked to leave Spanky P’s and we ditched Fat Bosses Pub because, as Eugenia said, there was “no beef in the freezer” and we got the last call at The Ugly Lime, we ended up in the hot tub at the Comfort Suites.  I’m only 50% sure that’s where they were staying. 

This is where things got weird.  And not the kind of weird you might want for 4 drunk women in a hot tub after dark.  I noticed that amongst her many other tattoos, Eugenia had ink that was a bunch of words and symbols that included the words “Eterno Corazon Inmortal”.

I asked her if she was a big fan or if he had trained her or why did she have his name on her body and she said “Nah, that’s just a guy I’m going to kill.”

Cori added “Once we find the staff.”

Eugenia nodded “Yeah, once we find the staff.  I like to get a tattoo of all the immortal parasites I’m going to kill.”

Cori laughed “They’re hardly immortal since we kill them.”

Then they started bickering about what immortal means.

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