I should back off 42561 but I can’t seem to stop myself.  I think I have poor impulse control.  I just never had anything to be impulsive about before.  I wanted to show her some of the stuff from Royale’s trunk.  I thought that would help her see things my way.  She wasn’t interested.   

That hurt.  To me it was a big deal.   I wouldn’t want most people to even know about Royale’s notes and writings.  I certainly wouldn’t share them.  I can understand it from her point of view though, to her it’s just a weird box of old junk.  She said that you don’t learn magic from books.

I found her abhorrence odd but later she halfway apologized and explained that her mother had warned her about “book mages”.  I was afire with curiosity but I didn’t want to push her on it.  All she said was that her family has a long-standing problem with a group of mages that she called Hermetics – people who learn magic from books.   

I told her about the books that I had found and the problems they caused.  She didn’t seem interested in hearing about that either.

I got to thinking that 42561 and Stella both learned magic from their mothers.  Obaluaiye said that he had been initiated into the mysteries by his uncle.  I was too self-absorbed to ever ask how Royale learned about magic.   

Royale said that some people are born with magical aptitude, so maybe it’s genetic?  It made me think about my parents for the first time in a long time.  I’ve always assumed that they were street people who couldn’t handle a kid and they tossed me in the trash.  But if they were magic, maybe that explains why they aren’t around. 

This shit is dangerous. If they got gunned down with magic, does that make me Batman?  Er, Batwoman?

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