Applied Cryogenics West – where it all begins again for the first time forever

Since I updated the site the map section has been blank for a while, but it’s still the most visited page on the site. The main thing I’ve learned from this blog is that people LOVE maps. I don’t really get it. I hate when my RPG group cries for maps all the time. Does everything have to be exactly nailed down 100% all the time? Does it? Oh, it does? My mistake.

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  1. “I hate when my RPG group cries for maps all the time.” I think this is a common GM perspective. They force you to nail down specifics, and then 90% of it won’t matter when they ignore the obvious story hooks and spend four sessions at that landmark you threw in on a whim. Bleh.

    For players (and readers, I suppose), a good map is like a neon sign that says “Look at all the cool stuff I cooked up for you! Come explore this whole other world!”

    So, if you feel obligated to provide a map, you might get more mileage out of a map of the surrounding area with some interesting-sounding landmarks, even if we don’t end up seeing 90% of it in the story.

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