Speed 3 – Snakes on a Bus

42561 and I were outside of Plainview when I saw an empty bus by the side of the road.  It didn’t look like a Greyhound or other bus line but it wasn’t a school bus either.  Maybe it was a church bus or associated with a camp. 

If 42561 was driving she wouldn’t have slowed down, let alone stopped.  She lets me drive most of the time though, and I wasn’t going to pass that up.  I figured with my luck there was a cult nearby that had kidnapped all the bus passengers and was about to do a mass sacrifice.   A classic blood mage bus attack.

I don’t want anyone to be kidnapped by blood mages.  But.  There was a part of me that was excited seeing a spooky empty bus.  I’ve been feeling vaguely unsettled lately and the prospect of a mystery shook me out of my funk.  42561 was not happy about being “dragged into it” as she deemed it. 

I’m not sure what her issue is.  If there are people in trouble, why wouldn’t you help them if you could?  In the hotel last night, I watched that stupid Superman movie where he lets his dad die for no reason to try and understand him better.  It didn’t help.  Is there a Superwoman movie?  Maybe there’s a gender bias in Superman that’s messing up the lesson I’m trying to learn.

42561 wanted me to drop her off and then come back to check out the bus, but I bullied her into coming with me.  I did my finding spell to track down the bus driver.  We found him and everyone else from the bus a few miles away at Ma’s Café. 

The bus had broken down and they walked down to the café.  Nothing nefarious about it.  42561 gave me shit like she had told me it would be nothing, but that’s not what she said at all.  She didn’t care if it was something or nothing.  She didn’t want to get involved either way. 

Nice reminder that not everything that happens is a crazy magic conspiracy.  Sometimes shit just breaks down.

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