Why not SuperGIRL you traitor?

The sheer amount of information online with instructions on how to make friends or what to do if you have no friends is depressing in and of itself.  Are there really that many people out there that have no one?  I thought social media was supposed to be handling this?  Is it possible that somehow the superficial “single-serve friendship” of the internet is making people feel less connected and more isolated?  Nah, that’s crazy. 

42561 and I aren’t really gelling.  But she’s tolerating me.  Which is something?  It’s kind of like getting a cat from a shelter that turns out not to be very sociable.  You may want a snuggly cuddlebug but the best you’re going to get is aloof tolerance.  We’re both magic-using women wrestlers and we don’t seem to have anything in common.  How is that possible? 

What keeps striking me is that I feel that I’m on the other side of what it was like when people tried to befriend me.  It’s the universe is saying “how do you like it, Grace?”  I don’t like it, but it’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

Since there’s only so much time you can spend trying to force a friendship, I’ve continued with my journey of random online mental health stuff.  I found a “report card” you’re supposed to measure every day.   

Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night – I’ll rate myself good here

Stay hydrated and eat balanced meals – I’ll say okay here, my diet is kind of crap but I cheat with magic 

Exercise – No issues here 

Spend time regularly with people you enjoy – Needs work 

Build time into your day to rest and reflect – Since I only work a couple times a week for less than an hour, I feel like I have the opposite issue 

Have a purpose that gives your life meaning – WTF? 

This last one is a real kick in the good titty (right for me).  Just give your life meaning?  That is a huge deal, not a checkbox on a list.  I feel like having that on there could really depress people.  This happens a lot.  I think, hope maybe, that the people who create these things are well-intentioned but much of it really misses the point, boiling down to “are you sad?  stop being sad and be happy, idiot!”   

What’s weird is that my life does have a purpose.  I use my magic to save the world.  Somehow that doesn’t feel satisfying though.  Is there a comic book where Superman has a crisis and wonders what the point of saving the world is?  Maybe that’s what I need to read. 

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