The dignity of fake fighting

42561 is on a tour with Longhorn Wrestling, an outfit run by Chadd 2 Badd working the lucrative Amarillo-Lubbock-Wichita Falls circuit.  I basically invited myself to tag along with her and as soon as I turned up, they put me on the show with her as a team.  Literally tagging along.

I never expected to have any kind of professional pride, but I have to admit that jobbing to whatever strippers Chadd 2 Badd puts on the show against us does gall me.  I’m tempted to shoot on one of these glittery bikini wearers but that would be wrong because it’s not their fault.  They’re just collecting a check. 

So then I think, okay, Chadd 2 Badd is the one I want to take a piece out of, but he’s also just doing what’s going to make him money.  It’s not like he’s making me do this.  So who’s at fault then?  The crowd?  If I take them all out then there’s no money for anyone.  It’s a problem.

I pitched an idea to Chadd 2 Badd where I would “lose it” and pretend to shoot on one of these women and make it seem like I really mess her up, and then do a fake shoot promo about how I was tired of working with their kind and call out Chadd 2 Badd and we could work the old disgruntled wrestler against owner angle, but he wasn’t into it.  I think he’s still pissed at me because I asked why they didn’t hit Oklahoma City in their loop.  How was I supposed to know Texans hate Okies?

42561 doesn’t like to talk about magic.  She doesn’t like to talk about much of anything other than working out and nutrition.  She likes to talk about that way too much.  It’s weird to be on the other side of the equation of the person who doesn’t want to talk.  I tried to ask her about her mom once and being taught magic, and she reacted like I was a dude on the bus who whipped out their cock.

At least I’m not alone though.  I never thought I would want friends.  Certainly I never thought I would need them.  But here we are.

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