There was a tag team called the Headshrinkers once

I took a PHQ-9 questionnaire online and I got 9 out of 27 which means I am mildly depressed.  Which is good news, I think.  That it’s not higher I mean.  It says it’s not a screening tool for depression though.  So why is out there?   

Kim has a friend who’s become a therapist since retiring from the ring and he specifically tries to help wrestlers.  Wrestlers are all crazy so it probably helps to have someone who knows about that going in trying to help them.  I could probably talk to him for free.  But if therapy works, which I don’t know if it does, you probably have to be honest.   

It’s not like I can say “yeah, I haven’t been sleeping lately but that’s because I keep thinking I’m going to be attacked by a guy with a beetle head and the claws of a praying mantis”.  A social worker told me that I had PTSD once and that was before all this magic shit.   

I wonder if there are enough magic people out there to have developed a support system.  On all the stupid magic shows, there’s a goblin or something that runs a magic shop with wands and shit but you never see any health services for magic users.   

Maybe I should give 42561 a call, it might be nice just to talk to someone else who knows what I’m going through. 

It also would be nice if everyone I ran into that knows about magic didn’t kill themselves, or get murdered because of me, or wasn’t a violent psychopath.   

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