Where do comic book characters go when they die? (Update)

That’s a trick question, comic book characters never die.  I’ve never understood the lyrics to Lake of Fire, what does the 4th of July have to do with souls condemned to the fires of Hell?  Did they pick that just because it rhymes?  Lazy. 

I feel weird and pompous when I give updates – queue Roman from Party Down “People respect my opinion, I have a prestigious blog sir”- but if I don’t post something, surely the few readers I do have would lose their minds and rise up against the government. 

Now that comic book Ela has joined D&D Ela on the fields of Ela-sium (wordplay!), I’m going to take a break before kicking up again with a new Ela.  Maybe I’ll try and do some website updates this weekend and maybe start posting Ela story 3 after that? 

If you can’t live without my awesome stories check out my other blog.  https://agtheshine.com/2021/08/10/bright-lights-bug-city-part-1/ Some people like it. 

My routine is all out of whack.  After crushing my work out because I am such a beast, I thought what do I do now that I don’t have a highly successful blog to curate?  What did I do before I spent a good amount of my free time creating a crummy world of plot holes and spelling errors?  I think I watched TV.  Before streaming came and killed TV. 

Sometimes my girlfriend and I wonder what we did before the lockdown.  Did we go places?  Where did we go?  What did we do?  How did we have time to do that?  Did we like it? 

I’ve started slowly watching World Championship Wrestling from 1987 one episode at a time, I could ratchet that up a notch.  Kick it up to two episodes a night. 

I could watch all the Pitch Meetings, those are pretty funny.  Surely watching hundreds of them in a row wouldn’t get tiresome and turn something I enjoy into something I hate.

I googled “What should I do” and it said to me “Visit a suburb in your city that you’ve never been to before, or somewhere you haven’t explored much.” I have been to ALL the suburbs of the mighty Des Moines Metro but pretty much all of them would count as somewhere I haven’t explored much.  But I’m probably not going to do that.

When I was in college and I had no friends nearby, when I got tired of writing and reading I would drive around sometimes.  This was before entertainment had been invented.  I never much liked it, I was literally just killing time.  They say youth is wasted on the young.  When I think how much of my childhood I spent being bored, that sounds right. 

In a meeting today at work someone said “We’re cooking on the front burner today!”  Is that an expression? 

Anyway, that’s what’s going on with me.  How are you? 


  1. WCW in the late 80s was crazy. That’s a great use of time. I’ve spent considerable time thinking on how I might review old professional wrestling matches. I also spend a fair amount of my free time watching ex wrestlers rip each other and tell stories about the road on YouTube.

      1. I am also terrible at speaking. I like to think I’m pleasant, though.

        What I really want is to tell someone else how to do their wrestling podcast. (i.e. “Do a podcast where you flesh out the background gimmicks of individual wrestlers as though they are true”; “Do a video pod where someone just stands in the doorway of the room wearing a Sting/Crow mask… and the camera just occasionally pans over to him standing there… but you don’t acknowledge his existence” “Do a pod where everyone tries a Dusty Rhodes impression the entire time,” etc.

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