There’s a possibility all that I had was all I’m gon’ get

When I asked Christie why he didn’t just “noclip” away instead of being interrogated by me, he looked at me like I was stupid.  He said that there’s no way out of “there”.  I told him that I had been there and that I had brought Linda back too.  I showed him the picture but it didn’t mean anything to him because he’s never been there.  I got Linda on the phone and he looked like he was going to shit himself.  He kept saying over and over that it was impossible.   

Once he calmed down, he did admit that Linda being alive explains why he felt so weak.  Without harvesting her energy, the bug juice he sucked out of the local mayor almost killed him.  I asked him how he knew about all this stuff and he said that an old dead comedian called Chubby O’Sullivan passed on the knowledge to him.  I never heard of him but the internet says that he was a combination of Lenny Bruce and Fatty Arbuckle.   Whatever that means.

Christie was bitter when he talked about being brought into the magic world.  He clearly resents that his came into this life.  I guess I can’t blame him.  Although nobody made him murder anyone.  He chose to do that. 

He asked me again if I was going to kill him.  He progressed from being resigned to the prospect of death to sounding like he welcomed it.  I said that I wasn’t going to kill him.  I said we were going to figure this out together.  When he asked how, I said that I was a very powerful magic person, I could do all kinds of shit without serial killing anyone.   

He said that wasn’t possible.  I levitated off the ground to show him that it was.  I find it strange how many people I meet that can do magic think that whatever I’m talking about is impossible.  Do they not realize that we’re doing fucking magic?  Magic.  How the fuck can you have any idea what’s possible?   

I asked him how he finds the bug people and he said that’s why he’s on the road.  He just wanders the land looking for them. He knows them when he sees them.  It’s not a great system but it’s all he has.   

Looks like I’m going on the road with Christie Lane. 

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