Women supporting women

Some people not in the wrestling biz talk about how there’s a brotherhood in wrestling.  I didn’t understand that until I heard someone talk about how brothers treat each other.  Brothers eat each other’s food, try to sleep with each other’s girlfriends, steal each other’s money, talk shit about each other behind their backs.  But they’ll help you move and punch anyone that tries to do those same things to you.  With that context, I understand about the brotherhood of wrestling. 

I’ve said that there isn’t that kind of community for women in the biz, but I could be wrong about that.  I called a woman that works under the name Kaseya that I was pretty sure lives in the area.  I asked her if she wanted to help me “set up” Christie Lane.  I’ve been on a couple shows with her but we don’t really know each other.  She didn’t even ask why, she just said “sure”.  The fact that she was willing to do it so easily is a little disturbing but also makes me feel good? 

We met at the club where Christie was hosting the trivia night and waited.  I tell you this, trivia night at a bar is about the most boring thing I’ve sat through.  Kaseya and I ran out of small talk in thirteen minutes.  After that, she was mostly scrolling through her phone.  I had to remind myself not to get shitfaced because I kept ordering shots as something to do.   

After that boring bullshit, Kaseya went and sat in the general vicinity of Christie and let dirtbag fuckboy nature take its course.  She’s one of those pretty girls, you know.  And she can actually wrestle a little too.  You should book her if you’re putting a show together.  She’s good people.   And so pretty.

She texted me the hotel they were going to and left the door open for me.  Not open open, but unlocked.  When we made the switch, she told me that he was in the bathroom and she thought that he was “really sick”.   

I thought she meant sick in the head. 

She did not. 

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