At least it wasn’t peanut sauce – that shit burns

Since my find spell didn’t work, I figured I would have to try something else.  Linda had a real hard time accepting that magic was a thing.  She thought she had just been drugged and left in a real place in the real word.  I told her to look around.  Granted, a bunch of rooms with yellow wallpaper don’t seem very magic but it goes on forever seemingly.   She didn’t seem convinced, not then anyway. 

She wanted to keep wandering around looking for a way out.  I told her not to waste her energy because there was no physical way out.  I’m pretty sure that’s true.  She kept harping on me to get moving.  I told her she was welcome to search on her own if she wanted.  She didn’t.  I don’t blame her for not wanting to be alone in that place.  Even though it seemed to be desolate, there was a weird vibe.  Which you might expect from another dimension.

It took several hours, Linda’s nagging didn’t help, but I was eventually able to catch the thread of what had happened to transport me there.  It’s hard to explain, but when I was standing on the bed reaching for the door in the ceiling, I did feel a sudden rush of magic.  It’s like when you’re in the water and you can feel something move past you.  Is that a ripple?  I guess it’s a current. 

Once I was able to get a mental fix on that, I was able to get us out.  That took several more hours.  It was like trying to grab a stray back hair that’s just out of reach.  The more frustrated you get, the harder it is, which just makes you more frustrated.  I had to take several breaks to try and center myself.  It’s harder than you think.

When it finally happened, we didn’t end up back in the trailer.  We were in the middle of a Chinese restaurant.  A server slammed into us and sent noodles and sauce flying everywhere.  I think I got sizzling pork in my eye.  It stung like a mother.  Linda immediately grabbed a pitcher of water off a table populated by some very startled people and guzzled it, spilling water all down herself like a drunk.  

It was quite a scene. 

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