Do you tip a waitress you’re planning on abducting?

Fact, wrestling would be a great cover for a serial killer. 

Fact, the life of a road comic is similar to that of a wrestler. 

Ipso facto, comedy is also a great cover for a serial killer. 

Why a serial killer would trap women in a magic realm of endless yellow wallpaper rooms is harder to figure out.  Serial killers are all sex freaks so the stabbing makes sense – the knife is the dick.  But what perverse sexual thrill is there from having your victims die of dehydration?   

Dying of dehydration must make it really hard to concentrate because she told me her name was Linda several times even though I said that I knew because I was there looking for her.  She also kept asking me for water even though I told her I didn’t have any.  When she asked if I had any urine she could drink, I decided to try something. 

42561 taught me a spell to resist thirst but all of her spells only worked on the person casting them.  I tried to work that spell with Linda as the target instead of myself.  She seemed more lucid after that, so I think it worked. 

Linda said that she works for a waste disposal company but she also picks up waitress shifts.  Sometimes those waitress shifts are at the Blue Room Comedy Club.  Blue Room Comedy Club was where she met a comedian that “looked like the short dorky guy from Big Bang Theory”.  I thought the idea of that show was that they were all short dorky losers trying to bang a hot babe.   

One thing led to another with Linda and the comedian, and next thing she knew she was in the land of endless yellow rooms.  For someone dying of dehydration, she summoned up a lot of bitterness that he waited to exile her until after they had sex.  She asked if the same thing had happened to me.  I told her that I came looking for her.  She asked if that meant I could get back out. 

Good question. 

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