So other dimensions exist?

I took a picture of a magical realm and this is it? Lame

I had dragged the bed close to the closet so I could stand on it to reach the hatch.  I was leaning forward awkwardly.  I didn’t feel anything but I thought I must have fallen off the bed because my perspective changed suddenly.

I didn’t fall.  I was somewhere else.

There was carpet.  It was dry but it stank like it had been flooded a bunch of times.  There was wallpaper that peeled off to reveal more wallpaper.  There were annoying humming lights in rows like at an office.  That was about it.  There were no windows.  That really got to me after a while.  Room after room after room of no windows.  There were two rooms and then a hallway and then another two rooms and another hallway.  That same set up over and over infinitely it seemed. 

Once for a second the humming from the lights increased to a painful level and then abruptly stopped.  Sometimes I thought I saw doors but when I moved that direction there was no door.  Same thing happened with stairs. 

Sometimes I thought I heard voices in the distance.  A couple times out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something moving under the wallpaper but when I looked at it was still.  I even ripped some up at a loose corner. 

One time I felt like a fly landed on my arm.  But there was nothing. 

Time didn’t seem to mean anything there.  I tried my finding spell to look for a way out but nothing happened.  I have no idea how long I wandered through those halls and rooms before I saw the first corpse. 

There was no smell.  Not rot.  It was like she just sat down and stopped being alive.  I felt for her pulse for a long time.  It didn’t seem possible that a dead person could look so not dead.  But she was.  I found three more like that before I ran into her.

I don’t know how but we nearly bumped into each other.  There’s no way we shouldn’t have been able to see each other coming but suddenly we almost smashed together.  At first she didn’t even look up.  Like the idea of finding another person was inconceivable. 

When she noticed me she almost looked afraid.  She touched my face.  She whispered that she didn’t think I was real.


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