Take a look it’s in a book

The book I took from Tag is mostly violent rambling and other insane bullshit, but there is some instruction on how to do spells in there.  It gave me a better understanding of blood magic.  I don’t think you can learn real magic from a book without someone teaching you.  But this vile shit?  Maybe.

Here’s the other thing.  I think it’s a fake.  I don’t think Christa Pike or Tadaryl Shipp actually wrote this.  The non-magic parts seem too sure-handed for the scrawling of a couple of teenage morons.  I’m no expert but it seems like what someone would write if they wanted to make you think that it was the journal of a murderous Satanic couple. 

Maybe next time I’m in Nashville I can visit the women’s prison and ask her if she wrote it.  If she’s allowed to have visitors after her last escape attempt.

So the question is – who did write it and why?  I wish I could get my hands on that book the Archery Girls or Cassie had.  If they were the same or similar, that would really be something. 

After reading it, I tried to use my finding spell to locate whoever had created it.  That turned out to be a pretty bad idea.  Not only did it not work but I felt an intense pressure on the back of my eyes and I started bleeding from the gums.  I’m pretty sure that without the wards Mr. Petticord taught me, I would have died. 

Whoever made this book really doesn’t want to be found.  And they have power.  After that I tried to burn it.  Nothing happened.  It was like trying to burn a rock.  The pages didn’t even get singed.  At least in that way it is like the book from Ash vs. Evil Dead.

I’ll keep it in Royale’s trunk until I figure out a way to destroy it.  Hopefully the trunk is magic enough itself to keep the book from doing anything evil on its own.

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