On the road with Amazing Grace

As much as I drive I’m surprised that I haven’t seen more accidents.  I suppose most crashes are in the cities where the people are.  So it probably makes sense.  On the way to Naperville I saw a guy in front of me lay down his bike.  I think it was in Sharon Springs or Winona, it was before Oakley I know that.  I remember seeing the sign for Oakley with blood all over my clothes.  I should get a butcher’s apron to keep in the car.  Nothing weird about that. 

From what I saw some genius had laid a hose across the road and the bikerman must have freaked out and tried to avoid it at the last second.  I don’t think a hose would trip up a bike like that on its own.  I wonder which is more dangerous, riding a motorcycle or wresting.  I’d be interested in seeing some stats on that.  The good news is a lot of wrestlers go ahead and do both just to make sure they get fucked. 

It would have been bad if he was on his own but he had his girl on the back.  Neither of them had on helmets of course.  She was wearing those tiny shorts women seem to like and some kind of tank.  Seems like a really bad motorcycle outfit to me but I could be overestimating the protection that denim and sleeves will give you from getting dragged across concrete.   

The guy’s leg was clearly busted up and his face was all red but other than that he didn’t look too bad.  Could have been torn up on the inside of course.  She was a fucking bloody mess.  I won’t go into it too much, but I’ve seen some fucking grisly things and this was the worst.  That sight is going to stick with me for a while.   

I didn’t bother with him, but I used Stella’s healing spell on her right there in the street.  That had to be pretty confusing for her.  One moment you’re ripped to shreds and in shock and the next second you’re fine.  She asked me if I was an angel.  I almost laughed despite the situation.  I told her “sure kid, I’m an angel”.  I really need to break myself of the habit of calling people around my own age or possibly older than me “kid”.  It’s douchey.   

That’s my good deed for the day.  I wonder how many more times I can do this shit before I attract too much attention and the FBI magic squad blows my brains out or some blood magic mother fuckers eat me.   

Despite my intentions, I’ve done a pretty piss poor job of not attracting attention to myself. 

At least in that aspect, I’m doing great at not attracting attention to myself as a paid performer that needs gigs.

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