An excuse is worse than a lie

When I broke into the business there was a small “rebellion” over the way women are treated in the wrestling business.  Nothing much happened other than a couple of marginal guys who did some foul shit didn’t get booked for a while.  They’re all back in the swing of things now.   

I lost a couple bookings for “talking shit” about one of these guys when I first started this blog.  I stopped doing that quickly.  Does that make me a coward?  Probably.   

It was a weird thing because I never thought it was a secret that women were treated poorly in wrestling.  Was that really a surprise to anyone?  The Fabulous Moolah more or less invented women’s wrestling in this country and she was flat out a pimp.  Part of the deal was if you wanted to train, you had to have sex with the dudes she wanted you to have sex with.  With that foundation, how do you think things are going to develop? 

I saw today that a former trainee of Doug’s is accusing him of trying to control her while she was at his school.  She says that Doug would not allow her to take any bookings that he didn’t approve of and that he used to berate her in front of other students.  She says that his abuse caused her anxiety and depression and that she felt that she couldn’t make it on her own without Doug’s help. 

She said that Doug tried to split her and her boyfriend up because he wanted her all to himself and used her desire to be a wrestler to get what he wanted.  She said that she has been sued by Doug for speaking out and needed to create a GoFundMe account to raise money for her legal defense. 

From what I know of Doug I don’t believe all of this, but some of it probably is true.  I’m sure he yelled at her.  And depending on how you want to define it, I’m sure you could say he was trying to control her.  If her boyfriend was a jackass, he probably did tell her to dump him.  Honestly if you can’t handle being yelled at, don’t try to be a wrestler is my thought.  I don’t think that’s a thought I’m allowed to have though.

I don’t believe that he “wanted” her or that he sued her, I think that’s bullshit.  

But I don’t know.   

Whenever a woman speaks up in the wrestling tons of people jump to the defense of the person that she’s accusing and it makes me sick.  But yet I am doing the same thing.  I don’t know what to think. I just know that either way I’m just sad.   

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