omne trium perfectum

Three times now.  First The Asian Girl.  Then Cassie.  Now these archery girls.  Three times teenage girls just happen across a magic book and they can do magic and they immediately start doing evil shit.  There’s no way that can be a coincidence.  

Doing magic is fucking hard.  You can’t just find a book and start doing magic.  You just can’t.  Unless it’s blood magic maybe.  The whole thing with that is it’s supposed to be easier.  Even then I’m not sure it’s so easy anyone can do it.   

So what the fuck is going on?  Where are these books coming from?  Who’s making them?  And why?

The only thing I can assume right now is that a blood mage is making them and somehow the evil shit the people do with them fuels back to them.  But why would they be targeting teenage girls specifically? 

That’s the part that makes no sense.  Other than everything about it making no sense. 

I really need to get my hands on one of these books.  Merry called around to all of her old archery pals and they either refused to talk about it or thought that Merry was the one who had the book.  I told Merry if she was lying to me and she did have the book, I would punch her in the nose until she went blind.  She started crying again.  It’s a pretty good deflection tactic if that’s what it is. 

I told her to give the addresses of all the people that were involved so I could hunt down the book but she wouldn’t do it.  She said she was going to be in therapy for the rest of her life because of this and she didn’t want to drag her friends back into it.  I told her she had murdered a man and she was lucky she wasn’t in prison being gang-raped by guards.   

She wouldn’t budge.  I probably should have beaten it out of her.  I doubt it would have taken much. I don’t think she’s ever been hurt before.  Not really.  I didn’t because I felt bad for her.  If you find a magic book you’re not going to think that it’s real, she and her friends were just screwing around.  Her actions afterwards are reprehensible, but then again what could she really have done?    

“Hey mom, I need your help because my friends and I used a magic book to turn a perv into a vampire accidentally.”  That’s going to get you locked in a rubber room.   

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