I’m the one who should be crying, about the criminal lack of pizza

Next stop, Kenyon College.  Dave’s friend was desperate to come with me, but I was pretty sure that a two-hour car ride with him would result in me killing him.  He was so pathetically eager to make the trip with me that I almost caved.  But I didn’t.  I’m more of a softie than I realize sometimes.  Him being around couldn’t help anything, so I stayed strong and told him no way.

I feel bad for him.  Finding out that vampires are real (maybe) is enough to mess you up, but then your best friend goes to prison because you stab the wrong person thinking they’re a vampire?  That’s a lot of deal with.  Especially when the stabee was an asshole that deserved to be stabbed anyway.  There should be legal allowances for that.

Just in case he thought about following me, I hit his car with my malfunction spell.  I’m not sure I needed to bother though.  His car looked like more of a piece of shit than some of the ones I’ve had. 

I didn’t know they had fancy schools in Ohio.  I thought that was all out east.  Kenyon reminds me of Cornell.  The buildings look like castles or some other kind of public TV shit.  Not the kind of place where I could just wander around I don’t think. 

Thank god for social media.  I sat in my car and waited while Merry told me exactly where she was and where she was going to be.  It made me think once again what a golden age this must be for stalkers and murderers and other lunatics.  No lurking in the bushes for hours needed, everyone tells you what they’re doing and when and where they’re doing it 24/7.   

Since I had a couple hours to kill, I can tell you that Gambier, Ohio does not much in the way of restaurants.  I guess the students all eat at their fancy cafeteria.  For a college town there was a real lack of delicious thin crust pizza. 

Once Merry let me and anyone else who cared to know that she was done studying and heading to her job at the golf course pro shop, I made my way there as well.  I don’t fit in any better on a golf course than I do on a fancy college campus but the pro shop was right by the parking lot. 

I figured to go for the direct approach.  Merry was the only one in the place so I just walked up and said that I was pretty sure she wasn’t a vampire, so what was she and what had she done to that wretch back in Parma. 

She looked at me for a minute and then started bawling. 

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