Merrily we dance

I’m not 100 percent convinced yet, but it seems like vampires might be real.  In the movies when people are faced with shocking revelations, it seems to sober them up like a slap to the face.  In my experience it’s the opposite.   When I finally had a chance to think about it, that vampires may be real, I felt like I was a full bottle of a tequila drunk.  I’ve been told that werewolfs and ghosts are real, but I haven’t had any true proof of those yet.  So far the only thing I know is real is magic. 

If vampires are real that changes things significantly.

I was planning on sleeping on the kid’s couch until he tried to kiss me.  He seemed genuinely confused when I shoved him on his ass and asked him what the fuck he was doing.  After that it seemed safer for me in the car.   

He insisted that he had to show me where the building was rather than tell me, so the next morning off we went with his backpack full of sharpened table legs, Olde English 800s, and some kind of stupid club he got off the internet that looked like it was flimsy as hell.  When he asked me how many times a day girls masturbate, I told him that if he didn’t keep a civil tongue in his mouth I’d twist his little nuts off.  He again seemed hurt and shocked. 

The hole in the bricks he said the maybe vampire guy slithered through didn’t look big enough for me.

I’m not sure I’d want to crawl through something like that even if it was big enough.  Circling around the place, we found a boarded-up door and I used 42561’s strength spell to kick it in.  My new friend was pretty impressed by that. 

Looking around inside, we found what looked like the squat of a homeless person more than a vampire nest.  A bed made out of a couple blankets and some clothes, a stack of newspapers and magazines, and a mini-cooler being used as storage with a phone in it and some other odds and ends.  No wallet or anything. 

Being a vampire isn’t as glamorous as they make it seem on shows.

The phone was a burner type deal so it had no locking feature.  I had to buy a charger for it because the kid said he didn’t have any money.  There were a bunch of texts and calls to the only person in the contacts – Merry. 

Our guy was begging, threatening, cajoling, and every other thing out there for this Merry to reverse what she had done to him.  So there’s the next vampire in the chain, right?  Turns out no.  Dave’s friend said that they were in HS with a Merry Lee and he saw her out in the daylight all the time because he follows her on Instagram.  He showed me some of his favorite sexy pics he had saved to a special folder.   

Dave’s friend texted the number under the guise of catching up with old friends and confirmed it was the same Merry.  Who was not interested in reconnecting with him.  For the record.  

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