The Parma Vampire Diaries w/ special guest star Amazing Grace

I called Bora and told her that her friend is definitely involved with some real magic.  I then told her that due to a series of blunders on my part, that friend is probably scared out of her wits.  I really am bad at this.  I suggested that Bora try to make contact with her and tell her that she knew she was mixed up in something magical and she was worried about her.  So many pronouns!  You get what I mean.  See if Bora could get her talking about it and figure out the issue. 

She was very thankful and far more gracious than she should have been about my bungling. 

I worked a show in Idaho Springs.  The promoter called me into his office and said that because of my “history” I needed to take a drug test.  Then he held out his hands for me to piss in and laughed with all his cronies.  Pretty great joke right?  Is there anything funnier than a pack of men humiliating and demeaning a lone woman?  I can’t think of anything. 

Being on the road used to feel normal to me.  Right now I hate it.  I don’t have anywhere to go anyway.  My bookings have really dried up.  I started thinking about the professor.  He makes money off people with his ghost scams.  I almost called him to see if I could get in on it with him.   

Instead, I spent some time looking through my weirdo files.  I can’t say people send me crazy stuff all the time because hardly anyone pays attention to me but sometimes people want my help with stuff.

They’re probably all nuts, but maybe there’s something real in there.   

If I’m going to do this kind of investigation and actually help anyone, I need to get better at it.  And the only way you get better at something is by doing it.  Maybe investigating some cranks will help me if something real comes along.  I settled on a kid in Parma who sent me a video and a bunch of messages about vampires. 

The video shows him dragging a body with a table leg jammed in the chest out of a storage shed.  Then the body bursts into flames.  Looks pretty real but I, along with the one person who bothered to leave a comment, dismissed it as fake.  You can make videos of anything look real.   

I called the number he gave me but it was no longer in use.  Looks like I’m headed to Parma. 

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