Good thing she didn’t have a gun

Waiting in the parking lot while other more deserving women became empowered, I did some more digging on social media.  Several of her college teammates are members of this group and I think a woman who was their coach at Tulane is the one who brought them into it.  It seemed a little culty but it may not have anything to do with anything.   

Once the thing was over, I followed her home.  The only thing I could figure was to ask her point blank if she had any magic shit going on.  That’s what I did with Gary.  And it technically worked with him.

Turns out that approaching a woman at her home after dark without any preamble is a bad idea.  I barely got a word out before she swiveled and hit me with the pepper spray.  She jabbed me with her keys too before running for her front door.   

I tried my cleansing spell but it did nothing to stop the streaming eye pain.  I guess that only works on chemicals inside your body.  I figured if I tried to drive I’d ram into something, so I was still there when the cops showed up.  Honestly it felt like they were there in two fucking minutes.  This must be a really nice neighborhood. 

I told them I had been at the seminar, recognized her from her basketball days and wanted to ask her for her autograph.  Because who wouldn’t want the autograph of a college player that averaged 6 points a game 10 years ago at a program no one gives a shit about?  I apologized profusely for scaring her and admitted I wasn’t thinking.   

They messed with my ID for a LONG time.  I should probably get some real ID instead of relying only on my fake ID spell.  Of course then I would probably have my name connected to a lot of criminal investigations.   

Eventually one of the cops went up to the door to talk to her and they let me go with a “don’t be so stupid you moron” lecture. 

I waited a couple hours before I went back to break in. 

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