Best of Luck In Your Future Endeavors

Over the past few days I’ve filled in some blanks.  The detective had told her sister if anything ever happened and she wasn’t around for her to call me.  And she isn’t around because I got her killed.  “Anything” in this case was the father of the boy Cassie had killed finding her and kidnapping her at gunpoint.  Presumably to revenge kill her once he worked up the nerve.

Cassie had started up a social media account with a secret phone and the father had tracked her down through that.  I hear that happens a lot with people in witness protection too.  People just can’t help themselves.  When “I” was there grappling with her kidnapper, Cassie had ran out of the house and flagged down an Uber.  

I asked the sister if I could speak with Cassie, come to visit maybe, but she made it clear she had promised the detective that she wouldn’t let me anywhere near her.  I could tell she was pretty broken up about it so I didn’t push it, I told her it was fine.  I wonder what she knows or thinks about all of this.  I wonder who she thinks I am.

The cops showed up to talk to me about slapping the shit out of the nurse with the BO.  I told them the truth mostly.  Without the magic.  They didn’t seem very sympathetic but after talking for a while they just left.  They didn’t tell me I was being arrested.  They didn’t say it was fine.  They just walked out.  Maybe they were planning on coming back for me.

Once I was alone I used my healing spell, I wanted to make sure it would work with whatever had happened to me before I left.  Once I felt okay, I got out of there.  I guess for once it’s a good thing that I don’t have any ID on me. 

So the good news is that Cassie is okay.  The bad news is that I got fired by PPW.  I missed a show because I was in the hospital and when I called to explain, they told me I had been terminated for a violation of their drug policy.

I asked them what the hell they were talking about and was told that a “reliable source” had said that I was in the hospital because I had ODed.  I told them I would take whatever drug test they wanted but since I had ditched the hospital, I couldn’t get any back-up for why I was there.

Didn’t sound like they cared anyway.  They had their minds made up.  Just when things were starting to look up, I get canned. 

Sounds about right.

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