There’s a big show coming up where a bunch of indy promotions are working together to put together a showcase.  Like the so called supercards of old.  Or so I’m told.  The PPW match is going to be Solo, Kenda & the boss’s daughter against Kinross, myself, and our “hired gun” Mil Muertes (not that one, the other one) in some kind of scaffold cage match something.  I think it’s going to be a disaster.  The match. And the show.

There’s too much going on.  In the match.  And the show.  I don’t even understand what the rules of the match are.  And based on the vagueness of the answers to my questions, I don’t think anyone does.  You know my rule – if a gimmick match takes more than one sentence to explain, it sucks.  Plus this scaffold cage thing they’re talking about is going to take forever to put up.  Unless we’re the first match, the fans are going to have to sit there getting fucking pissed while they Frankenstein this thing together.  And even if we are the first match then it’s going to be sitting there around the ring afterwards OR they’re going to have to wait while they take it down.

Here’s the problem, every promotion gets one or two spots on the card, so they’re all throwing everything they have at the wall.  From what I saw, there’s only one singles match on the card, everything else is a six-man, eight-man, or fucking TEN-man match with ladders and cages and poles and chains and shit.  It’s going to be way too much fuckery for anyone to watch.   

It’s like a football game where every play is from the 1-yard line and if you don’t score, your opponent gets the ball on your 1-yard line.  Who’s going to watch that?

The booker told me this match is going to be the blow off to the feud.  But the owner told me that if it goes well, that should bring eyes to the PPW show and we’re going to continue with it.  And from what I hear, Solo doesn’t even want to do the match.  And I don’t blame him because it sounds fucking dangerous as hell.  As long as I don’t fall and break my neck I can heal myself, but I would be shocked if this match comes off without a couple serious injuries from the other five people involved.  


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