Didn’t you used to do magic stuff sometimes?

I had a street fight match with Kenda that was viewed more than 7000 times.  Which is pretty good for PPW.  And it’s outstanding for me.  Solo and Kenda are both pretty good to work with.  The boss’s daughter is what she is.  I’m getting some bitchy comments and looks from the rest of the roster about being “handed” a big angle with the top stars.  I guess that’s just what happens. No achievement is so minor that someone will think you don’t deserve it. 

Kinross and Stew have been okay.  It’s not as weird as I thought it would be.  We don’t hang out socially like we used to, but we work together just fine.  Kinross and I aren’t so much a tag team like they said as the three of us are a mini-faction.  I think we’ve only tagged together once, mostly we just interfere in each other’s matches and cut promos together.  

It got real weird when Stew suggested adding in “some incest subtext” to our group.  The boss was into it sadly.  I did everything I could to get that changed to me and Stew being romantically involved.  I used to think that as a heel you could and should do pretty much anything to make people hate you.  But I have my limits, and apparently implying that you’re banging your step-mom/aunt is across that line for me.  

Stew and I have smooched it up on camera a few times and it’s beyond bizarre.  I never thought when I became a wrestler than I would be dealing with anything like this.  I read a few things online where actresses are talking about on-screen kissing.  Didn’t really help.  I did laugh at Mindy Kaling though because she says she loves making hot actor dudes make out with her.

I don’t mind getting on the mic and giving all kinds of fake details about our fake sex life to wind people up, but when we actually have to get all up on each other it makes me very uncomfortable.  I don’t feel in any way that I’m being exploited because it’s all my agenda, but this has helped me understand how some female wrestlers get pressured into things like this.  

I’m not sure me understanding is helpful to anything but it can’t hurt.

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