Intergender competitive cultural appropriation

My re-debut went well.  The main event was a six-person tag match.  Remember when the boss told me they don’t do intergender matches in PPW?  I guess that changes when his daughter and the girlfriend of his top star want to do it.  

The match was the Mayan Sons and Azteca (actually Killer Kelly in a mask, not that Killer Kelly but the other one) against Solo, the PPW champion, Kenda, his real-life girlfriend, and the boss’s daughter.  The Mayan Sons and Solo have a pretty hot angle going.  Part of the reason for this match was that they wanted to make Solo and Kenda an on-screen couple.

The match was a cluster, Solo and the Mayans brawl “backstage” leaving Kenda and the worst wrestler on the roster to double team Aztec Kelly (not in a sexy way) and win the match.  Because that’s how the good guys should win matches right? 

Kenda and the worst wrestlers in the world are celebrating and then Kinross and I hit the ring for the old heel ambush.  We beat them down good and Solo runs back to chase us away.  I’m outside the ring chirping at Solo and saying some pretty disgusting things – nothing like accusing the main babyface of domestic abuse to get people riled up.  There was a decent crowd there and they were hot.  I thought I might have to punch someone to get out of there.  I wanted to for sure.

I think the fact that my first “run” had been a dud actually helped.  The crowd was already primed not to like me because I am a failure.  Now I’m getting up in the face of their beloved hero and his pretty pretty lady.  She’s an okay wrestler, but she’s so pretty folks.  

If I’m one good at one thing, it’s finding the cloud in silver linings.  I realized that starting right off the bat in an angle with the top guy may not be good.  Because once it’s done, where do you go then?  I think this might be a way for them to get some use out of me and then send me on my way in 4 months when my contract is up.

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