OOC – Well that didn’t work

Now that I’m done with the bug odyssey I’ll be returning to the journal format. During that run, I went from a couple readers to none. Which I have to admit stings a little.

My girlfriend told me that maybe people were confused by the title and thought it was actually about entomology. She’s one of these nice people that tries to make other people feel better.

I imagine what really happened is WordPress deleted a bunch of bots and I never had any readers to begin with.

But that won’t stop me, nosiree, I mean what writers want their writing to be read? Dance like there’s no one watching they say, nuts to that, I say write like there’s no one reading.

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  1. Oh yeah. Just do it, as Nike would say. Keep doing you, and one day your readers will come. You got me to click on this post from the Reader, so that’s something, right? Wishing you all the best on this journey!

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